The Knievel

This modified Honda Tiger recons a style to the classic American dare-devil Evel Knievel, whose successful and failed stunts- like jumping 14 passenger busses on his motorcycle- caught the world’s attention in the 1970’s. Built on the solid and reliable Honda Tiger chassis this street-tracker style bike with its original color scheme is guaranteed get you where you want to go and beyond

Tech - Specs

865 cc Engine
Custom cut and rebuild rear frame
Front Double Disk With 4 Piston Caliper BREMBO
Rear Single Disk with 2 Piston Caliper TOKIKO
Handmade quality steel metal fenders, panels, headlight housing and fuel tank
Custom saddle
Custom paint color
Custom brake and turn lights
Original Triumph Bonneville speedometer
Custom exhaust
Hand-turned brass and aluminum bushings and caps

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