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Smoked Garage Our Team

Agus – Head Chef

A Bali-born chef with a passion for bringing the vibrant flavors of my heritage to the table. My culinary skills are deeply rooted in family traditions, as I’ve inherited all my delicious recipes from generations past. Each dish is a journey through the rich tapestry of Bali, a fusion of aromatic spices and unique techniques that make every meal a heartfelt experience.

Beyond the kitchen, my love for art and painting adds an extra layer to my culinary creativity. The strokes of my brush reflect the same confidence and comfort I bring to my cooking. Join me on this flavorful and artistic adventure, where the essence of Bali comes alive on the plate and canvas alike.

Smoked Garage Our Team

Aaliyah – Inhouse Pastry Chef

A passionate pastry chef with a unique blend of Indonesian and Australian influences. I discovered my love for baking at a young age, growing up in Indonesia where baking wasn’t a tradition, posed challenges, but it ignited my passion for sweets.

My journey involves delving into the rich tapestry of Indonesian traditional treats, learning the art of confectionery alongside my Mom. The love for crafting sweets fuels my determination to explore and master global pastry delights. Now, as a pastry chef, I bring a fusion of cultural flavors to my creations, reflecting my diverse culinary roots and childhood dreams.

Smoked Garage Our Team

Nico – Sous Chef

An Indonesian born Sous Chef. Nico has always loved food since he was a child. A solid eater and even more passionate about the preparation and food science. Nico loves the creativity of producing new and exciting recipes and sampling meals from all cultures.

In his free time you will find Nico on the Golf Course rain, hail or shine.

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