Smoked Garage

Our Story...

With Molly’s passion of architecture and travelling the world for beautiful wallpapers, unique colours, antique chandeliers and old buildings. Combined with Shane’s passion for custom motorbikes it was a match made in heaven, “well opposites attract”.

With ties in Indonesia and New York City. From the brownstone to the Willows in Savannah, with this combination of passion, speed and elegance…

“Smoked Garage”  was created. 

The Venue...

After finding a three-story, One hundred year old X Lubritorium Factory in the heart of fortitude Valley, that was due for demolition.

Molly and Shane set up on a quest to revamp the old building.

With no plumbing and no electrical wiring in the building they had to start again. The front part of the building burnt down, foundations crumbling and termite damage, the odds were all against them. 
But when you’re surrounded by great people, great things can happen.

Here We Are...

From picking and buying 300 year old timber in Alabama for flooring, to sourcing lighting from New York City and hauling chandeliers from Indonesia. The old girl finally had life again…

Now showcasing some of Brisbane’s best corporate customers and leading brands such as Adidas, City Beach, Breitling, White Label Nova,  Lorna Jane , Ernest and Young,  Deloittes and BMW.

Come see why your next event should be with the team at Smoked Garage!
Smoked Garage
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