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How To Incorporate Your Love Of Motorbikes Into Your Wedding Day

Every wedding should be a reflection of the couple declaring their love in front of family and friends. After all, it’s your special day, so why wouldn’t you integrate the things that are fundamentally important to you and your partner? For some people, their love of a certain book or movie will be woven into the wedding. For others, there may be a reference to their favourite sports team somewhere in the colour scheme. For motorbike enthusiasts, there is more than one way to incorporate your love of riding into your wedding day. Smoked Garage is a motorbike-themed wedding venue in Brisbane, and we offer a timelessly beautiful, history-rich venue for those who want to incorporate their passion into their special day. We’ve thought of a few ways you can bring your love of motorcycles into your wedding ceremony to create a romantic, gorgeous day you and your partner will never forget.

4 ways to bring motorcycles into your special day

If you’re looking for ideas to make your biker wedding unforgettable, the Smoked Garage team has a few ideas up our sleeves.

There is no better way to pay homage to your love of motorcycles than holding your wedding in a historic Harley Davidson service centre. Smoked Garage is tucked away in the heart of Brisbane City, and we have a reputation as the best motorcycle wedding venue in the city. We’ve painstakingly incorporated the building’s rich history into the interior design and decor, creating the ideal wedding venue for motorbike enthusiasts.

You can get some incredible wedding photos on the back of a bike. Whether you’d like to bring your own motorbike in for the photos or you’d like to use one of our custom vintage bikes, you and your partner can work with your photographer to get some uniquely stunning shots to capture your day for a lifetime. 

Whether you’re arriving at the venue or leaving, there’s no better way to make an entrance or an exit than on the back of a motorcycle. Who needs a limo when you’ve got a Cruiser?!

Your tribute to motorbikes can be as subtle as you’d like it. If you’ve got a favourite brand, make, or model, why not incorporate the colours into the day? For example, a Harley Davidson motorcycle wedding doesn’t have to have miniature motorbike centrepieces; instead, you could use orange and black as the colour scheme and go from there. 

Smoked Garage How To Incorporate Your Love Of Motorbikes Into Your Wedding Day motorbike theme wedding venue brisbane

If you’re looking for a motorbike-themed wedding venue in Brisbane, Smoked Garage is waiting for you.

Smoked Garage is a world-class wedding and event venue, offering a truly unique and memorable experience for your special day. Built in 1917, Smoked Garage was once a lubritorium and was home to one of the first Harley Davidson service centres in Australia. Now the three-story factory has been refurbished as an events destination like no other, but we’ve kept the venue’s history alive with a uniquely stunning interior design and a variety of custom motorcycles on display. So, if you’re after a motorbike-themed wedding venue in Brisbane, Smoked Garage won’t disappoint. Contact us today to organise a walk-through of our incredible event spaces.

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