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Is Smoked Garage your wedding venue pick?

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Your wedding day should be something magical. We believe that the wedding venue you choose plays an important role in helping your vision come to life. We also believe that Smoked Garage is a truly special place that will help all of your wedding dreams come true.

If you are looking for a unique wedding venue in Brisbane, here are some reasons why you should consider Smoked Garage.

Our space offers charm and character

This 100-year-old ex-factory has been transformed with love. Boasting an eclectic yet elegant charm, the space offers an inviting environment for you and your guests to celebrate. The venue space has plenty of character, yet also has the opportunity for you to make it your own.

We cater for different group sizes

Whether you are having a small wedding or a large one, we will partner with you to make the space work. It is a big enough area to cater for up to 200 people, however there are ways we can make it feel cosier if you only have a small group.

Our decor helps take your photos to the next level

You’ll be looking at your wedding photos for years to come so you want to make sure they’re perfect! Our impressive decor and furniture will help your pictures come alive, ensuring that you have extra special momentos of your big day.

We tailor our packages to suit you

At Smoked Garage, we understand that every couple is different. We want you to be able to express yourselves as a couple and therefore will customise our services to suit you. Through comprehensive discussions, we will come to understand your requirements and then work on tailoring a package that meets your needs.

Our menu will delight your tastebuds

The food we serve at our venue is fresh and simple, based on seasonal selections to guarantee you the best dining experience for your wedding. All of your guests will want to savour this delicious food.

We treat you like the special human beings you are

You are not just a number to us. We will acknowledge you as the special human beings that you are, and help you to express your individuality and pull together a wedding that is reflective of you as a couple. The perfect wedding is all about the little touches and we want everything to be how you envision.

If this sounds like everything you’re looking for in a wedding venue, come visit us! We’re more than happy to have a chat and show you around the space so you can experience it for yourself.

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